ThunderForge was founded in November 2013 to continue work on Trick-or-Treat Kitty, a game originally conceptualized during the 2013 Interactive Games & Media Halloween Hack-a-thon at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Our goal is to work hard as a team, doing what we love: making awesome games. We aim to innovate and push boundaries, while creating unique experiences that people can fully enjoy.


Raptor Run
Trick-or-Treak Kitty

Raptor Run

Side-Scrolling Endless Runner

It's the end of the age of the dinosaurs! You must out run the impending cataclysm for as long possible, while avoding the other fleeing dinosaurs and navigating obstacle-filled terrain!

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Trick-or-Treat Kitty
Trick-or-Treak Kitty

Trick-or-Treat Kitty

Isometric Puzzle RPG

While trick-or-treating, Jimmy has been trapped inside a mysterious, convoluted mansion which holds many deep secrets. Help Jimmy solve the puzzles of the house and avoid the dangers within to escape!

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2D Arcade Shooter

Earth is under attack! Defend the planet from the onslaught of the hellish invaders! Use your turret to fend off waves of enemies in fast-paced combat.

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The Team

Greg Rozmarynowycz
Manager/Lead Programmer

I am the manager and lead programmer for ThunderForge. I have over 5 years experience in web development and maintain multiple web sites for small businesses, through my freelance outlet, ThunderLab. I am a sophomore in the Game Design and Development program at Rochester Institute of Technology. I love coding and I am always looking for a challange.

Courtney Balousek

My name is Courtney Balousek, and I'm the lead artist at Thunder Forge. I have been drawing for over ten years, and am adept at traditional and digital media. I am currently a first year in Rochester Institute of Technology's Game Design and Development major.

Sean Maraia
Level Design

I handle the level design of the game, as well as any other necessary tasks relating to development. I am a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology in the school of Interactive Games and Media, and I am pursuing a Game Design and Development Major.

Vinicius Harres

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm a transfer student studying here at RIT for a year with a scholarship. I previously participated and led a student based development group at my university in Brazil. I have some experience in developing (scripting) for Unity and some modeling skills with 3ds Max.

Michael Mullin
Aux. Programmer

I'm really interested in all aspects of Game Design. Though I enjoy animation the most, I'm better at coding and problem solving. I always like to come up with new ideas and find the easiest way to do things.